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Corporate intelligence

Have you felt like this before?

• That you may get into a business trap due lack of authentic information?
• If only I had known (earlier)?
• Do our employees actually work, behave as directed?
• I know/have a feeling that something is going on but I just don’t know what it is.
• Is the information I have received actually genuine?
• I would like to know more about what our competitors are doing?

How to get the information you require?
“ 7 Secrets” helps you see… 24 X 7

 Corporate Due-Diligence
 Infringement of Copyright and Patents
 Pre- Post Employment Screening
 Internal & External Theft
 Employee Misconduct / Issue
 Business Fraud
 Competitor Intelligence
 Undercover Support &
 Business & Market Survey
 Electronic Sweeping & Surveillance
 Forensic
 Insurance companies
 Advance assets search

4.1.1 Corporate Due Diligence?

Due Diligence and Business Background Investigations are crucial before entering into any important contracts in order to be in a position to take informed decisions and distinguish between perception and reality .
We have investigated many corporations for clients who are interested in purchasing a business, considering a merger, are involved in litigation or are questioning who they may be hiring. Many businesses have hidden liabilities and hidden histories or illicit behavior that few other than a private investigator can uncover.
The process of a professional Due Diligence usually includes gathering information about the company’s and the company’s top management's financial position and history, asset evaluation, in depth search for undisclosed litigation or regulatory problems concerning the company or the top management, competitive position, information about the company's staff, suppliers, customers, and credibility within the industry, verify transactions and terms with vendors, interview former employees, verify receivables, confirm ownership of property, plant and equipment.
More often than not a properly executed Due Diligence brings out a mixture of clear confirmations of certain statements made by the management, discrepancies of some important aspects and totally unknown facts of importance; all clearly laid out and documented by us.

4.1.2 Infringement of Copyright & Patents

These include Patents, Trademark, Copyright Design-related infringements and offences. We identify companies and individuals involved and responsible for manufacturing, copying/designing, distributing and selling of the spurious products. All possible evidence, facts and links will be documented in detail in order to enable our client to take effective legal action, incl. obtaining warrants for raids.
We work in close associations with the relevant enforcements agencies to organise raids and seizures in accordance with trademarks, copyrights, patents and design laws and thus effectively immobilise offenders to forestall the further damage to the business.
We undertake research activities to survey the market in order to find out about the availability of counterfeit products.
If desired we provide support during the entire process of civil and/or criminal prosecution on behalf of the client.

4.1.3 Pre-Post Employment Screening

Our Pre-employment verifications include:
• Present / Permanent Address Verification
• Education Verification
• Previous Employment Verification
• Criminal Record Background Check through police authorities
• Financial Background & Credit Record Check
• Reference Check
• Family Background Check
• General Behavior & Character Assessment
Post-employment verification is often carried out in case of reasons of doubt about an employees actual behaviour and dealings with the company. It can include a financial background check which may establish potential misappropriations, information gathering whether the individual is involved in irregularities within the company, etc.

4.1.4 Employee Misconduct & Internal Theft Investigation

Besides other methods of investigations this may also include an option where we plant an individual of utmost integrity in strategic positions of a targeted unit within the client company to survey specific developments amongst the work force. For each assignment properly suited field operatives and experienced case managers are deputed. The client will receive detailed weekly reports.

4.1.5 Business Fraud

These kind of investigations are highly situation specific, often in connection with misappropriation of funds, inventory losses, illegal incentives, inappropriate disclosure/misuse of confidential information, breach of contracts, insolvency and bank frauds, etc.

4.1.6 Competitor Intelligence

It is increasingly important to stay ahead of the competition, which necessarily includes to have maximum possible information about them as well as information about business specific on goings in the market place. We are specialised in utilizing our vast range of information gathering methods, tools and expertise to gather all desired information and cross check relevant facts.

4.1.7 Undercover Surveillance Operations

Undercover Investigation are of pivotal importance in situations of business fraud, false claims, statements and even court cases against the company or its management, misconduct of employees, vendors or competitors of the company, fraud detection and litigation support, to just name a few.
These in-depth investigations will uncover hidden and otherwise not provable activities of individuals and companies. This process often involves specific high-tech gadgetry like hidden cameras, microphones & recording devices, undercover sting operations, evidence collections incl. securing finger prints and whereabouts verifications, movements at a specific location, etc.

4.1.8 Business and Market Survey

We take up specific area based surveys for a variety of business.

4.2 Electronic Sweeping & Surveillance

We are highly specialised in Electronic Sweeping and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Activities in this field include detection and identification of electronic and non-electronic methods of information loss, design and implementation of communication security plans, evaluation of clients’ in-house TSCM programs and TSCM review. Our services are being utilised by the Government of India as well as corporate establishments throughout India and include:
• Technical Surveillance Countermeasures/Eavesdropping Detection Surveys.
• Debugging Services .
• Impenetrable Installations for secure meetings and information exchange.
• PBX system vulnerability analysis.
TSCM surveys of cars, etc.

4.3 Forensic

• Handwriting & voice analysis
• Fingerprint lifting and analyzing
• Forged document analysis
• Fraud - Identification
• Anonymous Letter , Mail & Email Authentication
• Still Photography & Videography

4.4 Insurance Companies

• Claims Verification of Premature Deaths, Accidents, Fires, Robbery, Transport.
• After-effects of accidents victims, Locations of stolen goods.
• Vehicle Accident Claim Investigations.
• Identification and location of Investigations of Witnesses.
• Worker Compensations personal injury claims

4.5 Advanced Asset Search

• Demographic and Residence information
• Aliases, Changed Names
• Real Property Ownership
• Vehicle Ownership Search (Motor Vehicles, Watercraft & Aircraft)
• Corporation Ownership / DBA Search Ownership
• Bankruptcy Search
• Criminal History
• Neighborhood Interviews and photograph of residence
• Expanded Litigation Search in the most relevant Circuit Court

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