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"Private detective “A career with full of excitement”

A sharp mind, good analytical skill and intelligence- if you have these qualities a career as a private detective would be a perfect choice. To be a professionally qualified investigator, you need to pursue private detective courses.

Investigators & Private Detectives are highly needed for Corporate Intelligence, Private Investigation, Matrimonial Verification & many other aspects.

What You Need to Know

1. Private detectives handle a variety of cases, ranging from possible fraud, industrial espionage or suspected infidelity.
2. Note that this job is not as glam as it is in the movies. The most successful private detectives are ordinary people who keep a low profile and possess patience, common sense and tenacity.
3. According to figures from the Association of British Investigators (ABI), 80 % of members are former police officers.
4. However, experience in the armed forces, in the legal profession or in journalism can also give you the skills you need for this type of work.
5. Benefits of being a private detective include having an exciting, varied and mentally challenging job.
6. However, the work can be dangerous and may require long, unsociable hours.

While working as a private detective might sound glamorous, you might often have to spend long hours sitting in the back of a van, or filling in paper work, so don’t expect it to be all action.
However, private detective work can be dangerous, and personal safety must be taken seriously. Many private investigators keep a low profile and don’t advertise their line of work too widely. Additionally, even if there are no risks to your personal safety, private detective work may also require working long, anti-social hours.

As of today, a detective does not require a license to operate within India; the Private Investigator Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha in 2007 and is since pending for approval. Once it is approved, professionals and agencies will be licensed in India. Till then, no particular academic qualifications are necessary to enter the profession. It is advisable to acquire a graduation, selecting specializations relating to the kind of investigation one wishes to take up.
“There are usually no educational requirements to be a private investigator. To be a corporate investigator most companies require you have at least a bachelor’s degree in a business related field. For work in computer forensics a degree in computer science and or accounting would be helpful. If you want to be a private investigator in the computer field, there are colleges now that offer certificate programmes for computer forensics.”
Graduation in any discipline makes a person eligible to take up diploma courses offered by certain institutes, such as:
- The Indore Christian College, Indore - The National Institute of Private Investigation, New Delhi - All-India Private Detectives Association, New Delhi
The Canadian Academy of Private Investigation offers an online correspondence course on under-cover detection and investigation. Degree and/ or diploma courses on criminology and forensic sciences are also of great help.

Salary & Allowances:

Salary will commensurate with experience and personal capabilities.

Future of Private detectives:

Private investigation and detective services can now be considered a burgeoning industry. This is because the security situation has worsened in the last decade or so, moreover the regular police force has its hands full of cases. Hence, detective and security agencies around the country are running successfully today and their services are being increasingly sought after. There is a lot of thrill, adventure and a certain amount of danger involved in this profession, while at the same time the job is never mundane and can give tremendous satisfaction and confidence. It may be a tough career option but young individuals who have the potential and courage to fight against crimes can definitely find it as one of the satisfying professions in today’s world. So, would you like to be India’s answer to Mr Holmes….?

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